Local Dad Explores Mountains by Snowshoe

Editor’s note: Sixth in a series

BRECKENRIDGE—Today we wrap up our exclusive coverage of Jonas’ first ski lesson with another view of Breckenridge as seen by Dad, who during the middle of Jonas’ day-long lesson decided to explore the Breckenridge Nordic Center by snowshoe. Dad happened on a lovely trail through the mountains that made for a peaceful middle to an otherwise eventful weekend. Here are some parting shots of what that looked like.

Local Dad Drives Through Epic Storm

Editor’s note: Fifth in a series.

BRECKENRIDGE—When Dad finally got Jonas back into the car after his first ski lesson and subsequent sleep episode at dinner afterward, he knew they were in for a long haul. Snow had started to fall, but Dad was most concerned about the traffic. Turns out he should have been more worried about the snow. When the entrance to the highway was inexplicably closed, he had to reroute over a rather scary back road that became even scarier as the sun set and the snow started to pile up. “Did you forget something?” Mom texted as she followed our route from home, seeing we had diverted from the entrance. If only that had been the case. What followed were four hours of just wild mountain driving, with snow piling up and blowing so hard into the front of the car that more than once Dad tried to get the windshield wipers to go faster, only to discover they were going as fast as they could already. As our trusty Subaru navigated the chaos of a dark highway whose lanes were long covered in snow, Dad muttered more than a few choice words at the conditions. And when we got near the end and saw that there was a “fog advisory” still ahead, he about had a meltdown. Luckily, Jonas passed out within the first half-hour of the drive so he didn’t have to see or hear any of that. But he somehow managed to do that thing kids do, where he woke up as we turned onto our street and inexplicably asked Dad, “What’s one hundred plus two plus five?” Dad was happy to answer as he offered a slight chuckle while pulling into the garage and taking possibly the largest exhale of his life. Here’s what the car looked like as we closed the door on our ski adventure, which doesn’t do the conditions justice. But despite the harrowing drive, it was a memorable weekend and one Jonas was excited about from start to finish.

Local Boy Simply Exhausted After Ski Lesson

Editor’s note: Fourth in a series.

BRECKENRIDGE—When Jonas’ ski lesson was over, we triumphantly walked downtown to have a celebratory meal. But it became immediate to Dad that Jonas was just beat. We mean, wiped out in a way we hadn’t really seen him before. Dad figured that Jonas would get his second wind having one of his favorite meals—hamburgers—at a place Mom and Dad had discovered the last time we were in Breckenridge. But from the get go, it was clear Jonas was going to have a rough time. When he didn’t even want to color with the provided crayons, Dad knew something was up. And watching Jonas gamely try to eat a burger and some fries while struggling to stay awake was both difficult and amusing to watch. Then Jonas started speaking in tongues, making hardly any sense, before succumbing and putting his head down on the bench to fall asleep. Dad managed to rally Jonas a bit so they could at least walk to the car (with a stop at the awesome snow sculptures across the street first…). And as we’ll see tomorrow, it was really for the best that he wound up sleeping most of the way home.

Local Dad Checks Out Snow Sculptures

Editor’s note: Third in a series.

BRECKENRIDGE—While Dad was waiting for Jonas to work on his footwork before emerging onto the slopes for his first ski lesson, he wandered around town a bit, where an unbelievably cool thing was taking place: The annual Breckenridge snow sculpture contest. Teams from around the world came to compete in the contest, which begged the question of whether there is an international circuit for these types of things. Nonetheless, it was quite an impressive display of dragons, lions, spaceships, abstracts and even a man holding up the world. Here’s a flavor of this rather unusual event.

Local Boy Does Great at First Ski Lesson

Editor’s note: Second in a series.

BRECKENRIDGE—When it came time to finally hit the slopes this weekend, Jonas was ready for action. Dad dropped him off at the chaotic entry to the ski school, where kids of all ages were getting fitted for equipment and getting used to that awkward feeling of ski boots. Jonas stayed inside for quite a while to work on footwork before his class of 5-year-olds emerged, walking that funny ski-boot walk and looking like astronauts about to start their mission. Jonas was one of the first to get his skis on and immediately asked, “Can we go up now?” Then up the magic carpet he went to the top of the modest ski school hill. And he was all smiles on his way down, working on his “pizza” and “french fries” footwork. The teacher said he did a great job for his first time out and Dad was more than a bit proud to watch it all unfold. Here are some shots of our ski bum in action.

But to get a better sense of how it all went down, Daily Gewirtz obtained this exclusive video footage of Jonas’ very first ski run, one that bodes well for the future.

Local Boy Spends Pre-Ski Night in Hotel

Editor’s note: First in a series.

DILLON—Jonas’ first day of skiing actually began a few months back when we signed him up for a neat deal through Vail Resorts where he was able to get a free lesson with equipment for his first outing at any of their resorts here in Colorado. But to make it feel like a real outing, Dad and Jonas decided to head up the night before to get a good night’s rest instead of trying to fight the traffic on the way up Saturday morning. (Mom got to hang out with Roxie for the weekend…) When Dad and Jonas checked into their hotel, an establishment Dad would have described as “modest,” it might as well have been the Four Seasons to Jonas. “Look Dad, a phone!” he said as he explored the room. And then, when he saw a little kitchenette, he declared: “Look, we have a stove so if you want to make something like latkes we can!” (If only Dad had packed some matzah meal and potatoes…) We eventually got to sleep and Jonas was ready to go first thing in the morning, putting on his ski goggles so he’d be ready. We woke up to an absolutely beautiful winter morning on Lake Dillon, where we checked out the scenery for a few moments and Jonas made some goofy faces to get the day off right. And we knew it would be a good day when we went to a nearby bagel place and ran into Jonas’ soccer coach and his son, who were also hitting the slopes. Jonas walked around downtown Breckenridge like a boy on a mission as we worked our way to the ski hill. And as we’ll show you tomorrow, he was indeed on a mission.