Local Family Ready For Season to Begin

CENTENNIAL—Some people mark the turning of the seasons by the equinox. Others, like us, take as much of a cue from other sources, including, of course, the start of football season. Tonight our beloved (and beleaguered) CU Buffaloes begin their latest campaign, one we think can only improve from their woeful two wins of a season ago. And to show our spirit, we unveiled our new CU flag out front this morning, something we plan to make a presence each game day this season. If nothing else, the Buffs will be well represented at our place, even if they don’t represent themselves that well on the field. But at the start of a new season, here’s hoping for the best as we celebrate a sure sign that fall is around the corner.

Local Boy Turns 5-and-a-Half

CENTENNIAL—Today is a mini milestone for Jonas (although he might argue that it’s a bigger one…) in that he turns that all-important half year, making him 5-and-a-half. And he has certainly earned that extra half. Every day, it seems, he is capable of doing more “big boy” things, tasks that get accounted for on our big living room chalkboard. When Jonas earns enough of those, he gets a special trip somewhere. This last weekend, after working hard for weeks at things like bringing his plate to the sink, dressing himself in the morning and otherwise behaving well, he earned himself a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s. The smile on his face was worth it, as was his new ability to reach the gas pedal all by himself on a few of his favorite games. That’s because in addition to gaining that important half-year today, there is no doubt Jonas is in the middle of yet another growth spurt. In any case, we have a proud 5.5er on our hands, on his way up the charts.

Local Boy Loves Downtown Aquarium

DENVER—When we first moved back to Colorado, it wasn’t long until we had a membership at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. It was a nice place to spend some time and there was always something to see. But as we discovered other attractions, we found ourselves not going as much. Jonas, however, never forgets a fish. And for months, he’s been asking if we could go back. So when Mom had some girl stuff to attend to with Jonas’ cousin Rachel this past weekend, Dad and Jonas headed on up to Denver to take in some fish. And once again, the aquarium did not disappoint. Jonas got to touch some starfish, feed some stingrays and marvel at all kinds of aquatic life, including the otters, who put on a pretty good show for us. Here’s a look at our aquarium adventure.

Local Boy, Mom, Build Enormous Parking Lot

CENTENNIAL—It was super hot here this weekend, which meant we needed to spend a little time inside here and there. And when Mom and Jonas were left in the basement for a few minutes while Dad prepared dinner, it was amazing what they were able to come up with. When Dad went downstairs to discover, he found a “parking lot” of just about every vehicle Jonas owns. While we were going nowhere for the afternoon, so, it seems, was every car at Jonas’ disposal.

Local Boy Enjoys Ice Cream Cone

CENTENNIAL—It’s been over a year now since we moved into our “new” neighborhood and we are still feeling that we couldn’t have found a nicer street. We have probably met more neighbors so far (including every member of our cul-de-sac) than we have anywhere we’ve ever lived combined. Last weekend was another reminder of how good we have it as one of our neighbors held an ice cream party for the street. Mom pitched in with some homemade Kit Kat ice cream that was pretty spectacular. But no one had a better time than Jonas, who for the first time that we can remember, when given the option, asked to have a cone instead of a cup. We’ll chalk that up as another mini milestone. And it’s safe to say that Jonas enjoyed every lick out of that thing that he could.

Local Family Spotting Wildlife

CENTENNIAL—The last few weeks have been fruitful ones when it comes to spotting some wildlife near our house and around the neighborhood. The other morning, Dad was more than a bit surprised to see a hawk sitting on the backyard fence, eyeing our empty bird feeder. The feeder was empty, of course, because those darn squirrels keep attacking it, something we have a funny feeling that hawk could take care of if we ever see it again. Then, the other morning, we saw our resident snake, Eve, curled up in a patch of flowers in the front yard as we took Jonas to the bus stop. We’d like to believe Eve could handle those pesky squirrels as well, although she seemed content to be left alone. All of this has had Jonas keeping his own eagle eye out for what may find, as he did on a walk around the neighborhood the other night with his bird book and binoculars in hand (and on his face). Around here, we never know what we’ll see next.

Local Family Goes on Lovely Hike

EVERGREEN—Another nice weekend here allowed Mom, Dad and Jonas to enjoy the best of what Colorado has to offer—a hike in the mountains. This time, we headed back up to Evergreen, where we had gone a few weeks ago, to a trail Mom remembered taking a long time ago. It did not disappoint. Mom, in fact, impressed us with her geological knowledge, identifying mica and all kinds of rocks for Jonas to explore. Jonas, meanwhile, was excited to help two caterpillars off the busy trail and into the lush growth nearby. He also managed to find a nifty natural seat out of a crazy tree branch. But his favorite part might have been telling everyone we passed on the way down how beautiful the view was from the top, a message that seemed to inspire everyone we came across. It was another lovely afternoon in the mountains.