Local Dog Curious About New Bin

CENTENNIAL—It feels like we’ve done a reasonable job trying to contain most of Roxie’s stuff around the house, and yet, rubber balls and squeaky things and chew toys nonetheless seem to be strewn around the floor by the time it hits 6 a.m. most days. So the other day Mom bought a bucket to keep some of the smaller stuff in. And needless to say, Roxie was immediately intrigued with what she must have thought was just another cool toy.

Daily Gewirtz Offers New Features

Note to our readers.

CENTENNIAL—Daily Gewirtz this morning announces some new features on our dailygewirtz.com platform, a response to several requests from our readers for expanded content. Today we are pleased to announce the start of a page devoted to exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of our resident dog, Roxie, that will keep track of her exploits. We will still offer daily coverage of her regular developments, but the new page will provide bonus content for those who simply can’t get enough, such as the photo below. You can find this section at the “Roxie” link at the top of our home page, or by visiting dailygewirtz.com/roxie. In addition, we have rebranded our “Travel” page to a new section called “Above” (dailygewirtz.com/above), which will feature images as taken from thousands of feet in the air on various journeys we take from time to time. We hope our readers will appreciate this additional photo outlet. And lastly, we have revamped our “Sports” section (dailygewirtz.com/sports) to provide added photography from our various athletic endeavors (and by that, we basically mean Jonas’ various athletic endeavors). The publishers and devoted staff members of Daily Gewirtz are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our product and we hope readers will embrace these new and improved sections. We welcome your feedback and thank you for allowing us to be part of your day.

Local Boy Writing ‘Friendly Letters’

CENTENNIAL—Jonas’ writing skills are becoming sharper and sharper, and in recent days he has been most interest in penning some “friendly letters” to people he knows. It’s a concept they are clearly working on at school, as his new favorite pen pals appear to be his teacher and her assistant. They’ve struck up a nice correspondence, with Jonas asking probing questions such as “Do you like lollipops?” and “Do you like lemurs?” Here’s a sampling of some rather amusing back and forth in recent days.

Local Kindergartener Completes First 100 Days

CENTENNIAL—Presidents are often judged on their performance after 100 days, and so we shouldn’t be too surprised, we suppose, that Jonas’ kindergarten made a pretty big deal the other day when they, too, reached the milestone mark. Jonas was pretty pleased with himself coming off the bus that day, sporting his 100-day crown (complete with school buses for every 10 days), and a 100-day set of glasses (“you can see through the zeroes!”). He also provided some solid analysis of the accomplishment, noting on a worksheet that 100 dogs would be the best, because “they lic you and play with you.” We have to say that Jonas has indeed accomplished quite a bit in his first 100 days of school as he is fast learning to read and write, has already become a whiz at math and most importantly, is turning into a very respectful young boy. Here’s to the rest of his term in office and hoping it is as successful as his first 100 days.

Local Family Celebrates Big Win

CENTENNIAL—It was a fun day around here as we watched the Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50. It was a day that began with some humor and ended in all smiles. When Jonas woke up, one of the first things he saw was this week’s Sports Illustrated, which had a cover with parts of the faces of several NFL quarterbacks. “Daddy, your picture is in the newspaper!” Jonas declared, earning more than a few chuckles from Dad, who had never previously been described as the perfect NFL quarterback.


As for the game itself, Jonas had his extended Colorado family over to watch and he made sure to wear his Broncos horse head hat for good luck. We had plenty of Broncos-related snacks (thanks to Aunt Sarah’s football dip!) and some Orange Crush that Mom made sure to have on hand. Mom even made some “chocolate cherry bombs” that will have to become a Super Bowl staple at this point. Jonas also pitched in the last few days, decorating the house with Broncos signs, and our Peyton Manning doll proved to be good luck as well, as he watched over the proceedings. By the end, poor Roxie was worn out from all the yelling and screaming and such, but it was worth it to see the Broncos hoist the Super Bowl trophy, hopefully the first of several more to come!

Local Dad Explores Mountains by Snowshoe

Editor’s note: Sixth in a series

BRECKENRIDGE—Today we wrap up our exclusive coverage of Jonas’ first ski lesson with another view of Breckenridge as seen by Dad, who during the middle of Jonas’ day-long lesson decided to explore the Breckenridge Nordic Center by snowshoe. Dad happened on a lovely trail through the mountains that made for a peaceful middle to an otherwise eventful weekend. Here are some parting shots of what that looked like.