Local Dog Enjoying Backyard

CENTENNIAL—Each day brings with it slight progress when it comes to Operation Roxie. This weekend, we let her run around the backyard a bunch while we practiced teaching her to come to us, a key first command that we learned at a dog obedience class on Saturday. Roxie not only did a great job obeying (especially for Mom and Jonas) but seemed to love the freedom of running around the grass at will. Here are a few shots of her enjoying her splendor in the grass.

Local Dog Trying to Learn English

CENTENNIAL—We are almost to the end of our first week living with a dog and each day has seen some gradual progress. Yesterday, for instance, Roxie’s only accident in the house didn’t come until about 8 p.m., this after many, many trips outside. But even there, she still doesn’t quite know what we want from her. Yet she must be on to something. The other morning, as Dad was trying to get across the concept of “poop,” Roxie was only hearing “pipe,” and decided to hang out for an extended break by one of our gutter drains. We’ll count that as slow progress we suppose.

Local Boy Greets Return of ‘Ghostie Purse’

CENTENNIAL—Longtime subscribers to these pages may recall the fascinating tale of a Halloween-themed entity called “Ghostie Purse.” As a quick recap, Mom brought home the felt-covered trick-or-treat bag three years ago, and seeing its handle and ghost-like appearance, Jonas immediately gave the thing its distinctive name. Since then, with more than a bit of encouragement from Mom, the legend has grown. It is now gotten to “Great Pumpkin” status as surely Jonas is the only kid in school who believes in a felt-covered ghost that spends all year looking for gifts if Jonas behaves, only to return to our house on October 1, giving small gifts each day until Halloween, at which point he returns to wherever he came from for some R&R and to begin his gift search anew. Well, after several weeks of signs that he might be returning (late-night “boos” from outside Jonas’ window that sounded kind of like Mom or Dad if we dare say…), ol’ Ghostie Purse returned this morning with a lovely little gift for Jonas, reached via his tell-tale trail of mischief near the stairs. Jonas was overjoyed to see his old friend, the start of a curious and super-fun season around these parts.

Local Dad and Dog Survive Trip to Vet

CENTENNIAL—Day one of the Roxie Era saw our new four-legged friend needing a trip to the vet for an introduction. But with Mom at work and Jonas at school, that left Dad and Roxie, each stepping into a vet’s office for the first time. Dad had trouble in the days leading up to the appointment even visualizing how in the world this would happen. Did he just pick up Roxie and carry her in? Should there be a leash involved? Should the whole darn crate come in? How exactly does this work? No doubt Roxie had similar concerns. But once she waddled her 2.5 pounds of adorable-ness into that office, the staff pretty much took over with lots of oohs and aahs. It would appear as if she’s awfully cute. We’re happy to report Roxie got a clean bill of health and was in many, many ways, a much more calm participant in the whole experience than Dad, whose head was spinning by the end with dog medical terms he had never possibly realized existed. Hopefully the next time will be easier for us both.

Local Boy Really Wanted Dog

CENTENNIAL—How badly did Jonas want a dog? Or, rather, how much was he looking forward to getting one? Well, for weeks, Jonas had literally circled the calendar in his room, writing the word “dog” on it. Then, about a week out, he took a pad of paper in the kitchen and started writing down how many more “sleeps” he had until the dog arrived. But the most adorable? That would be a shirt he had outgrown and some old socks that have been on his bedroom floor for about two months after he read that the dog might want to have something with his smell on it for those times we have to leave her alone in the house. Here’s a sampling of the successful campaign that was waged, leading to our new friend Roxie.

EXCLUSIVE: Local Family Gets Actual Dog

DEER TRAIL—The best fought campaigns are the ones that are both heartfelt and relentless. And so it was that Dad finally lost his super-majority vote this weekend in significant family decisions, yielding to Mom, who just thought it would be a great idea and wonderful teaching opportunity, and Jonas, who said it was “his dream come true.” Yesterday, we got a dog. The final move came after a long drive to a farm in the tiny eastern Colorado town of Deer Trail, where a miniature Australian shepherd was awaiting us. Jonas could barely contain his excitement as Mom and Dad listened to mountains of information from a breeder. Finally, it was time to drive home, where a play pen awaited our new pup, just nine weeks old and weighing a mere 2 pounds. “My dream has finally come true!” Jonas declared on the way home and, really, how was Dad ever supposed to argue with that? We will have detailed information on our newest family member in the days to come as we begin an entirely new adventure in our lives. But for now, we are proud to introduce Roxie, someone who is likely to get considerable coverage on these pages in days, months and years to come.


Local Boy Makes Fine Soccer Effort

HIGHLANDS RANCH—Jonas had his second game of the new soccer season last week and we were excited to see him put a solid 100 percent effort into the contest. Jonas was so into the game that he came oh so close to scoring a goal, seeing one of his booming kicks hit the post about halfway up. He had plenty of goofiness on the bench as well, preferring to study his water bottle over cheering for the team, but so be it. When he was on the field, he was using all of his enormous height and skill to his advantage, proving he could indeed be dominant force when he’s not skipping around. Here’s a recap of another fun afternoon.